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Recorded Ireland 2009

Featured bands :

The Chalets


Una O Boyle with Hyperboreal


Pamela Connolly


Alan Lomax


The Frames


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For regular WSR folk - this is just a sample for an Irish Radio Station, not surfing

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Hi Folks, life is what happens when you are making other plans. was supposed to start a new series in September, but as I will explain in January, other things happened.

For now, this is a show I did as a guest presenter at CC Chapmans in November 2008 just before the elections in the United States, the result you already know.

Click on the bar below for the once off show

In hindsight and looking to the future, some may feel that change has not come fast enough - but remember the addage

"Campaign in Poetry, Govern in Prose"

Nothing to do with surfing, but I felt it was worth doing at the time.

Music in the show from our old friends here at WSR

  • The Camels –
  • Leaf –
  • Don McClosky –
  • Tilly and the Wall –
  • Tingsek –
  • Hope regular listeners enjoy it, as I said it is political, not surf related, but WSR is kinds the counter balance to Surfer mags podcast.

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    00:00 Intro

    02:35 Pt 1 John Stilman of Ice 9 foamworks

    Startup and background. Science stuff, Basis, foam types and qualities, Green base, challenges

    08:15 – Wonderwoman – Leaf (

    11:45 Pt 2 John Stilman of Ice 9 foamworks

    Clarks, Fallout, Molds and Rockers, production improvements and waste reduction. Business model and recent improvements

    19:00 Bill – Panacea – Album version (

    22:42 Pt3 John Stilman of Ice 9 foamworks

    US production vs outsourcing. Distribution developments. Shennanigans at the Clarks Foam auction

    27:30 Miriam Mkebe tribute – Mbewe, version performed by Solomon Linda and the Evening Birds from 1930. Private collection

    31:05 Pt 4 John Stilman of Ice 9 foamworks

    Green aspects of development. Chemical replacement and carbon footprint reduction. Use of waste products in development. Involvement in watersports and academic background

    37:42 Dr Tony Butt - Tutorial Series number 2 – Wind formation

    40:50 Drew Brophy Pt 1

    Starting out, hunting for waves, Lost Surfboards. Artistic community within surfing. Different media, direction and concepts

    45:30 Big Strides – Scuicidal (

    49:20 Drew Brophy  Pt 2

    Creative vs Commercial, encouragement and creativity, driving forces

    54:14 Outro

    Link to November 3rd election special

    Happy New Year.

    56:27 Credits & end

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    Sound Quality poor at times, especially on headsets – sorry – rush job.


    Podtrac Player

    00:00   Intro

    00:30   Show 32

    02:00   Sunny Aberton Pt 1Braboys the film, driving force, childhood problems

    06:50   Frank Duffy New York Pt 1Starting out, Pioneer Surfers, Demographics, water quality, longboarding, website origins,

    11:30 The Martin Harley Band Dealer – From the Album Money Don’t Matter. From the Villanous label

    15:40 Sunny Aberton Pt 2Beach Life and escape, Cronulla Riots, ethnic integration,  That courtcase,

    20:05 Frank Duffy  Pt 2Rick Rasmussen, Climactic conditions, New York scene and culture,

    25:00 Bloopers, interview mis-starts

    27:30 Sunny Aberton Pt 3Mavis Aberton foundation, work, plans,

    30:30 Thoughts

    31:20 Praan – composed by Gary Schyman Lyrics based on Gitanjali by Rabindranath Tagore and sung by Palbasha Siddique

    35:20 Rough Translation

    36:10 New idea - Wave formation tutorial by Dr. Tony Butt

    39:40 Outro

    40:35 Credits

    41:33 Fin

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    Show 31 -  The Return

    00:00 Intro

    00:30 The Return, life goes on

    03:35 Dr. Tony Butt Pt.1
    Surfing start up, development of the surf science book
    Past and Curent forecast models - sea area forecast

    08:00 Mother****** from Leaf

    With thanks to 8Ball music

    11:25 Paul Cannon - pt 1
    Background - Composite sandwitch Concept
    Involvement - Swaylocks, Bert Burger, Mike Shevin,
    Reluctance and business models

    17:19 Something totally Different
    Tom Mabe

    21:00 Frankie, Ghana
    Black Star Surf Shop, Starting Out - Peter Nadini
    Surf Tours - Traditional Ghanaian surf style
    Body Surf - confusion - Customs - Travel concerns allayed

    25:40 Paul Cannon - part 2
    Light vs heavy - Environmental benefits and marketing, happy accident,
    durability,building methods

    30:15 The Camels - The times we had

    32:50 Brah Boys

    33:16 - Dedication - big shouts

    33:55 Dr. Tony Butt Pt.2
    Environmental aspects, Energy, Philosophies.
    Consumerism, Global warming, flat earth society,
    Forthcoming book, title suggestion, the unique position

    39:00 Outro - plans

    40:00 Credits

    41:04 fIN

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    SHOW 30

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    00:00 Intro With Tyler Hatzikian

    Greenwave - 100 years since Marconi – shadow of Lomax


    02:22 Doc Paskowitz Part 1

    75 Years Surfing. 1956. Suez Crisis Introducing Surfboards to Israel.

    Hasaka Board. Father of the Australian SurfSki. Development of

    Standup paddleboarding. John Zapotaki Duke Kahanamoku.

    Surfing with Slater and Machado


    06:30 Sean Hayes – Calling All Cars


    10:32 Doc Paskowitz Part 2

    Changing within society. Life choices. Simon put in his place.

    Concepts on convention. Passion and People. Criticisms on celluloid. Entertainment.

    SurfCamp. Foundations. Working with Autistic kids.


    15:30 Don King Cinematographer. Pt.1

    Background, surfing, film making. Career Building.

    Quiksilver, Filmography, Hollywood. Dangers of work.

    Words from John Mosoe R.I.P. Awe of Ocean.


    19:30 White Buffalo – Love Song # 1


    22:43 Don King Pt 2

    Making Beautiful Son. - Beau. Raising awareness of Autism. Progress. Hopefulness and positivity. Working with Laird Hamilton –ITVS – Raising funds. Cross Channel Paddle – Premier and TV Release.


    27:35 Doc Paskowitz Pt 3

    Being a pain in the ass, Boards to Palestine. Reasons. 20 surfers, 1 Board.

    World Wide Media,1.5Bn viewers. Storming the Barricades. All about surfing, Views and Attitudes. Surfers Concept. Surfers concepts of rights and wrongs. Boundries. Chutzpa. Empowerment, Peace and Grace. The Happiest Time – Stoke.


    32:36 Tingsek – World Of its Own


    35:30 Doc Paskowitz Pt 4

    Hullabaloo – Surfing for Peace. One Voice. The Gig – Slater, Rothman, Perry Ferrel, Vedder, FooFighters. Eddie Vedder – thinker.  Symbolism. Children of Abraham.

    Thoughts on Modern surfing. Sins and Changes. Ballet of surfing, Phil Edwards. Staying fit for surfing. Part of the Game.

    Abundance, Washing away the Emnities.


    41:06 Outro – contacts, opportunities in podcasting – Future show plans.



    42:47 Fin

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    SHOW 29

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    00:00 Start

    00:15 Fluffed Intro/Andy Hughs

    00:33 Intro

    00:48 Gary Young Pt 1

    Father of the Bamboo Surfboard. Background. Surfing and Shaping. Lightbulb moment. Technique development and Bamboo discovery / development.

    05:25 Ingrid Michaelson – Die Alone


    09:45 Gary Young  Pt 2

    Reasons for Bamboo – Environmental consciousness and Greenwash.

    Fatigue life fibergrass vs. fiberglass. Industry plagiarism. Life, frustration, acceptance, and overcoming adversity with a positive attitude. Wisdom.  

    16:05 Craig Calfree Pt1

    Background, Bikes, Early days, Comfort and Advantages, Competition.

    21:08 Developments in Podcasting, Nokia, Ovi and other thoughts on podcasting and media developments.

    26:12 Craig Calfree Pt2

    Ghana, Logos, Hemp, Epoxy

    30:40 Arbor Sports

    Will Herby, Company History, Snowboard, Longboard Skate, Development, Plans

    35:10 – A note on Richard Matthews and Jonny from Driftwood Skateboards

    36:00 – Garry Young Pt3

    Variable Density Foam, EPS, Construction and cost comparisons, Industry Attitudes and reluctance to change. Standup Paddleboards. New Film Coat. Non surf applications.

    Thoughts on Contemporary Bamboo board builders

    42:00 Outro – Any journalists or writers? Congrats to Magdeleen Van Eersel ( our credits vocalist)

    43:00 Credits

    44:44 Fin

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    Timeline and Contents

    00:00 Intro – Apologies

    00:40 Neil from ARSA (

    Origins, Development,Aims, Contacts


    05:00  5 in 05 from Grayman – WSR exclusive, Podcast Debut 


    09:30 Neil from ARSA (

    Chalenges, Cityscape, Sponsorship, Stoke


    13:30 Archives


    14:00 Lucia Daniella Griggi

    Background, Surfing, Photography, BPSA, Board Photo Laminations with Seabase

    Womens surfing development over the years. Plans and growth


    19:30 Peter Robinson UK Surf Museum Pt 1.

    Background, Collecting and researching, Birth

    No fixed abode. Travel. Aims. Funding challenges

    Oxbow Support, looking for a home. Surf Dome London


    24:45 Andrew Bird – Heretics – WSR exclusive, Podcast Debut 


    28:13 Peter Robinson UK Surf Museum Pt

    Outreach and cost support. Ancient Surf History. British and Irish surf history. Recent developments. Europes first exposure to Surfing, Captain Cook 1769. Joseph Banks.

    First European wave riders – Scottish !!!! Early Snaking. Plans and development.

    Grimsby. Surf Dome London. False Dawns. Fate.


    33:40 Outro. Plans – video podcast. Irishsurfer. Shot voice.

    Thanks for listening.


    34:42 Pain - Credits – Outro


    35:58 Fin

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    00:00 Intro - excuseses, New books, new board plans

    02:41 Jesse Mulinax pt 1 
    biodiesel. Foundation and Technical aspects  

    08:06 Aqueduct - Growing up with GnR

    11:40 Rob Beadie clarification

    12:06 Jesse Mulinax pt 2
    Food Chalenges, costs, origins,

    16:58 Nathan Oldfield Pt 1
    Podcast, inspirations, pressure, Youtube clips,
    Mike McCarthy

    Mike McCarthy Calm Wind

    27:07 Nathan Oldfield Pt 2
    Media,Acceptance,Editorial control, Scott Dillon,
    Poetry,future projects,

    32:50 4WFS

    33:17 Jesse Mulinax  pt3
    Fastfood Nation, independent farmers, weaning,
    Hemp, drive and passion.

    38:01 Outro

    39:00 Findlay Brown - dont you know that I love you

    45:46 Credits

    46:50 Fin

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    00:00 Intro

    00:22 Basics

    02:50 Bob Feigel pt1

    Growing up rain storm  Stewart Lowe- Surf Guide/Bill Cleary Skate Larry Stevenson Commander Makaha Modern Impressions- Fashion

    08:12 Ali in the Jungle The Hours

    13:20 Bob Feigel pt2 (fcked up intro)

    Standards Combos  Feigel Fables Consequences blacklisting legal gumbo patsy aftermath comeback New Zealand, a love affair

    18:15 with Robert Beedie Masters, Norfolk Virginia,Global Surf Network Festival

    Yall take care now

    23:20 Bob Feigel Legacy, Limitations, Duke and Dora,

    Loss Life Death- Life is Wonderful -respite- realizatio

    27:00 Pensylvania

    Greenlight bamboo fabric-the start - birth

    source - strain - comparison with hemp

    32:00 Bret Dennen Shes Mine (for Magdeleen and Mum and Tizzer)

    36:30 Mums and Girlfriends

    37:20 Bamboo 2 Pensylvania

    Advantages -need to change - Patagonia and stuff

    44:31 Fin

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    00:00 Intro

    01:00 Ainea Kimaro Pt 1.

    Background. Carpenters Son. Education. Pushing the wheel forward. Ashden Award. Anaerobic system

    06:00 Brett Dennen -Aint no Reason

    09:30 Ainea Kimaro  Pt 2.

    Waste management, Environmental and Health, Fertilizer, ReAfforestation, Applications. Rwanda  

    16:05 NadaSurf -Blankest Year


    18:45 Ainea Kimaro  Pt 3

    Scaling Down, Costs, Payback period, technology transfer, future applications, bottling, accents, spreading the word.

    24:10 Shinfin - Mark Lee.

    Background, Lightbulb moment, benefits, awards, manufacturing, sales and distribution, replacements

    30:00 Ken Stapleton Pt 1

    President of world kneeboard association. Background of sport. George Greenough, rebirth, promotion and development, shaping requirements and thoughts,

    35:36 Broken Family Band -Poor Mans Blues

    37:54 Ken Stapleton Pt 2

    Current developments and plans world titles 2009 NZ. Prejudice, young talent.

    41:00 Outro - credits etc

    43:38 Fin


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    Podtrac Player

    Please note that some of the grain surfboards interview are a bit tinny but overall sound quality is good.

    00:00 Entry

    00:12 Ryan Gerrode

    00:37 Mike LaVeccia

    Background Sailing surfing.

    Building Wood Surfboards.

    Comparative wood builders and designers. Methology. Design Development. Sustainability. Material sourcing.

    06:18  Keeping Secrets Pamela Connolly (Irl)

    08;54 Mike LaVeccia PT 2

    Ding repair and wood board maintainence

    Cost issues. Kit build option. Stopping the mystery.

    Overseas orders and looking for distribution.

    13:15  semikit from Roy and Paul Jensens Masterclass in Ireland.

    4WFS offer

    14:06 Theft of Dale Velzy Templates

    15:03 Luther Johnson RIP

    15:20 Elijah Mack Pt 1

    Family background. Growing up with broken dreams. Dealing with Demons. Upbringing and belief.

    Surf Aristocracy family Mickey and Demsey Holder. Kerowac. Ginsberg, influences and counter culture. Open mindedness. Beatnik Era. Contridiction in terms.

    Being an outsider against transition. Opinions on SoCal. Punk. Plastic Culture.

    20:15 Benjy Ferryee  Dog Killers (This is one for Dempsey Holder)

    25:00 Elijah Mack  Pt 2

    The move to river surfing. The search. Life and its aspects. Finding something new.

    Skoocumchuck and Tubesteak. Awe. Love and Fear. Victor Maahers passing and the effects/aftermath.

    Surfing the Zambezi. Opposition, Ostracism and Opportunity. 

    30:30 Womens Institute

    Dealing with modern issues. The packaging campaign. Positive action. Pointless Packaging. Alternative, compostable or recyclable packaging.

    Pressuring supermarkets. Getting results. Lessons for surfers.  

    37:06 Elijah Mack Pt.3

    Why now agree to do an interview with the surf media via podcasting?

    (to say Elijah detests mainstream surf media is like saying Stalin had a mild psychotic problem) the truth of editing J

    Contemporaries in river surfing -Munich -Calgary Crew (ARSA)

    The Family. The Foundation. Meryll, Alec-Hurricane-Chance. Life in Oregon. River Surfing.

    41:00 Outro - Leave a comment? Want to be a reporter?

    42:00 NOFX  The idiots are taking over.

    45;15 Credits.

    46:17 Collage

    46:35 Fin

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    00:00 Intro - Pissed Nun

    00:30 Glenn Hening Pt 1

    Early Years, Heroes, Da Cat. Competitive Surfing Days, UCLA

    Australia, Awakening, a change in direction.

    Teaching and Life in Central America / El Salvador

    Motivation. Paradise Lost. Another direction. Surfing Sense

    06:46 Benjy Ferree - Hollywood Sign

    10:23 Glenn Hening Pt 2

    Foundation of Surfrider Foundation. Carson, Pratt, Woods.

    Reasons and Realization

    JPL Labs. Reo - Groundswell society. Sharing the Stoke of Surfing

    15:45 Ben Westbeech -I feel so good today.

    from the new debut Album - Welcome to the best days of your life


    18:33 Gordon Forbes (at last) from Granite Reef Surfshop

    Revamp of Scottish Surfing Federation, developments and plans

    22:23 Glenn Hening Pt 3

    Waves of Warning - going out on a limb

    Human values vs Wall Street

    Corporate mentalities - Surf industry/Garment industry

    Against the odds or turning the tide?

    Outsourcing, Marketing, Moral considerations.

    27:56 Colin Giles  Cool your Jets

    31:06 offer

    31:30 Glenn Hening Pt 4

    Experimenting with Media, Independent internet sites - beacons
    SASIC conferences. Chris Hynes Eden Project, similar conference.

    Reasons and Results.

    With everything Where do you get time to surf?

    Any Regrets?

    36:11 Outro Time Hoots.  Spread the word.

    Want to be a Surf Reporter- Interested? 

    38:24 Collage Beer Credits

    40:07 Fin


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    worldsurfradio show 22

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     Streaming Player

    St.Pats Special

    00:00 Intro

    01:00  Kevin Naughton Pt 1
    Background. Affinity for Ireland. Silver Surfari
    Missing Ireland. Sligo St Pats 1974. New Book

    05:44 Nightrocker - The Chalets (Dub IE)

    09:00 Info on bands and Interviews

    09:45 Kevin Naughton  Pt 2
    Changes and commercialisation of surfing.
    Corporate aggressiveness. Two Sided Sword.
    Movement in Media, Internet equalisation,
    Niches, The search goes on. Morocco

    15:30 Irish Music, A living Tradition

    17:09 Dun Na mBan nGiollah - Una O Boyle / hyper-borea
    Trad. Irish piece with Modern arrangement from
    Una O Boyle

    21:20 offer

    21:50 Kevin Cavey - father of Irish Surfing
    Still Surfing - Qualified as instrutor
    The early days.Equipment, Homemade Gear,Rodger Steadman,
    Disciples of the Wave, The Britton family and Hotel.
    Silver Surfari.

    27:00 Ludwig (Belfast)- Sea Nomad

    32:00 Kevin Cavey Pt 2
    San Diego World Campionships 1966.
    Influence and effect on Irish surfing. Tramore
    72 - 75 European Event. Diaspora and Emigration and the downturn.
    Late 80s revival. Opinions on growth - Challenges and tensions

    Cystic Fibrosis Fundraising Writing and books


    38:30 Music, Note on Podsafe music and the revolution

    39:30 Activism. - itunes - march 22nd - mine again/Black Lab

    40:30 Outro - Credits

    42:00 Fin

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    Category:Surf News and Music -- posted at: 5:15 PM

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    00:00 Intro

    00:16 Spike from

    00:23 Ned McMahon Pt 1. Biofoam

    06:00 Suds nSoda  dEUS

    11:06 Ned McMahon Pt 1. Biofoam

    13:13 George Mason -  RIP - Hawaiian surfcaster

    15:12 Gods Highway  Tobias Froberg Ã?¢??

    18:20 Mark Richards interview courtesy of Pt 1

    24:26 Cherrystones - CH1-

    27:35 Mark Richards interview courtesy of Pt 2

    33:25 Event 16-20 Feb

    34:00 Peggy Hall -

    38:38 Outro signing off for 4 weeks

    Laptop problems, thoughts etc.

    41:28 Credits

    42:38 Donavon Frankenreiter Dream On - Live Liquid Rooms Tokyo

    45:20 Outro Collage

    46:01 Fin

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    00:00 Intro

    00:40 Keyon Gibson pt 1

    Industrial Hemp Uses, Applications and Environmental issues

    06:10 Ed,Lonnie and Lonnie jr. Young
    From the Alan Lomax collection

    08:00 Keyon Gibson pt 2
    Industrial Hemp, political problems
    A history of impractical supression

    15:00 Viking Moses - Werewolves in the City - US/UK

    17:10 Mexpipe Challenge Info piece

    17:38 Steve Pike (Spike) pt2
    background, wavscape film festival, South Africas unique culture

    23:45 Balta - Walking Away - US

    28:00 Steve Pike (Spike) pt2
    Pollution,Sharks,Aggrivating activities, sharkpod, visiting SA

    36:00 4WFS info piece

    36:30 Grant from FoamEZ  pt 1
    Clarks aftermath, looking at alternatives like MDI EPS etc

    Andy McKee - Drifting - US

    43:20 Grant from FoamEZ pt 2
    Outsourcing, Walkerfoam, Clarks in Orange County, EPA

    47:15 Outro

    47:50 Credits

    49:15 Fin

    Direct download: show20.mp3
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    DIRECT TO YOUR NOKIA 3G  [VoiceIndigo Mobilize - Listen to podcasts on your mobile phone]  IN ABOUT 4 MINUTES 


    00:00 Intro

    00:05 Ben Sparks

    00:28 Happy New Year

    00:47 Doing Something Amazing with the USAF
    An exclusive interview with Mr.Paul Bollinger
    Special Assistant to the Secratary of the US Airforce
    B52 Bombers - Synfuel - an explaination - Usage of this fuel -
    Basic Findings - Environmental Benefits - Cost -
    commercial production-Special requirements for Synfuel
    engine modificaton

    05:27 Brandy White - event promo

    05:55 Yves St Laurent (Montreal via New Brunswick) - So Far

    09:35 Doing Something Amazing with the USAF Pt 2
    An exclusive interview with Mr.Paul Bollinger
    Special Assistant to the Secratary of the US Airforce
    Surfers and Air Travel - Application of USAF test to commercial aircraft
    Application of Synfuel to other vehicles -
    Alien Abductions, Anal Probing and possible USAF involvement
    Other USAF alternative energy programs


    14:30 Youngblood Brass Band (US - NE) Nuclear Summer
    (sort of Acid Jazz - not my term - with a brass band)

    18:47 Many Thanks to Dave at
    General Music chat.

    19:54 Offer to listeners
    Buy 10 Kits, get an installation kit free

    20:18 Richard Landringham Pt 1
    Background, Speed Skiing,Aerodynamics and Fluid Dynamics
    Family, Chemical Engineering, High Tech Composites,Application to extreme sports,
    high impact foams, Ski Helmets,Polystyrene weakness,
    Lappextreme Foam, Polypropelene Advantages,
    Environmental aspect, Reluctance withing the surf industry, Slowness to change,
    Application of Polypropelene to flex,Commercial pressures and board lifespan,
    Comparison to other sports, Warranty

    26:30 Storyone - Saving Grace
    Download the Album -

    30:35 Richard Landringham Pt 2
    A new direction,, 1 year warranty, tortion box constructions,
    Design, Developments, hardness of surf media, Money-Money-Money,
    website,distributors,Future of Kratos Surfboards, Demo Days in SoCal,
    Current development of Blanks, Availability of Blanks, Commercial Reluctance,

    35:45 Outro

    36:49 Credits

    37:49 Youngblood Brass Band (US - NE) March

    40:37 Outro
    Simon Anderson

    41:21 Fin

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     Podtrac Player 







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    00:17 Tom Fitzgerald

    00:27 Intro

    02:18 Drew Kampion Pt 1
    Early Years, Starting with Surfer,
    Creative times,
    Nixon, John Siegerson, Surfing Magazine,
    Corporate Commercialism.

    06:10 Tristan Prettyman (US-Ca) - Electric (Live)

    08:34 Drew Kampion Pt 2.
    Books, working with Greg Knoll, Fernando Aguerre (Reef) Surfers Journal, Longboard.
    Don Rodondo, Surfers Path, Germination of an ideal. Environmental aspects.
    Interviews, Dora, Farelly,Cooper,Thompson, Richards,Bartholemew,Curran.
    Woody Brown at 89 and the inspiration of Titus Kinemaha.
    William Blake - the wisdom of a folly.
    Surfing in life.

    13:42 Fiasco (US-Ca) - Peacesign

    17;08 Special Offer from

    17:48 Drew Kampion Pt 3.
    Surfing, Activism, Echoes of Vietnam, Apathy, Passive reaction within
     society, American Values, War?? Legal implications,
    Positive potential of surfers, Global outlook.

    An Inconvienient Truth, Warning Signs, Environmental steps forward,
    Steps back, Citzens now consumers?? Reversals and recovery.
    Simons thoughts on An Inconvienient Truth - See it, Rent it, Buy it.
    Dont give up hope, Global warming is reversable.

    23:06 NOFX (US-Ca) - Franco UnAmerican (From "War on Errorism")

    25:32 Drew Pt.4
    Writing, styles and inspiration - reading - Magnum Opus

    27:41 Belinda Baggs

    27:46 An Inconvienient Truth - See it, Rent it, Buy it.
    Dont give up hope, Global warming is reversable.

    28:45 Daylight - The Shakes (UK)

    30:20 Vince Duer Pt.1
    (This was a bugger to edit, and it was recorded on Holoween night, so his doorbell kept ringing)
    Background. Growing up in Grand Haven Michigan.
    Early Crew. Finding gear, buying boards from a Marina.
    Unsalted - the beginning. 12 years of film and video. Finding Film Stock, Editing.
    The great thing about surfing on the Lakes, Addiction.

    36:38 God and Mars - Days Away

    39:32 Vince Pt 2.
    Surf Activism in the great lakes. Blowing it. Industrial History and powerhouse.
    Pollution, Ingratitude, 20% of the planets fresh water.
    What surfers can do - raising awareness, giving a new voice.
    Water Safety Awareness. An Inland Sea.

    43:45 Ryan Jerrode

    43:57 Surf festival

    44:25 Outro

    44:45 Credits

    45:45 Hawaiian Astro Boys (BEL)

    47:28 Fin


    Next podcast in about 2 weeks.

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    Podtrac Player




    00:16 Don Norris

    00:26 Intro

    01:20 Ben Sparks Bearpaw surfboards (CA-USA) Pt 1.
    Background - Snowboard inspirations and results
    Bamboo Laminates and Divynacell - Halfmoon Tailshape!!

    06:10 The Shakes (UK) feat. Lady A - Liberty Jones (Duet version)

    10:16 Ross from about the mobile South African surf film festival

    10:35 Ben Sparks Bearpaw surfboards (CA-USA) Pt 2.
    Recycling technology, Environmental concerns, New Foams, Leroy Winnery foam experiments,
    Environmental footprint and conciousness. Experimental drive

    15:50 Supporting Independent musicians.

    16:36 Magenta Lane (Canada) Constant Lover

    19:45 Tom Fitzgerald (Canada) River Surfer Pt.1
    Development, Ben Murphy-Pioneer, Equipment,Surfing Experience,
    Hydraulics/Standing waves, Style development, Snowboarding,
    INT boards

    24:30 Uncle Seth - To be an Angel -

    28:22 Drew Kampion

    28:30 Tom Fitzgerald (Canada) River Surfer Pt.2
    Wave park development, Positive attitudes and authorities (as opposed to Aberdeen-bastards)
    Working for the sport-sourcing gear, movies
    Kayakers- converting the evil, What Are they Good for?? Future, Just around the corner,
    Another Search

    32:41 Beer - Editing.

    34:00 *OUTTAKE - INSERT* Steve Pike -,
    South African Surf Film Festival on this December

    36:22 Credits

    37:25 Insect Surfers - Polaris (mellow surf groove)

    40:20 Collage

    40:54 Fin

    * Normally a show would not come out this soon after a previous one,
    but the guys at have their film festival this
    December 2006 so I wanted to get this out in time to support it.
    Hence the early release and the out-take / insert

    Next podcast in about 2 weeks.

    [VoiceIndigo Mobilize - Listen to podcasts on your mobile phone]


    (experimental and tempremental system) 


    Direct download: showr17.mp3
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    This show was thrown together very quickly and ahead of schedule.
    Hope you enjoy it

    00:12 Intro

    00:17 Simon Anderson (AUS)- Followup from show 15
    I got as many more quesions from all of you as I could.
    Future Design and concept - Thruster Patent - Benefits - Kelly Slater shapes
    Views on pro surfing - Fin Systems

    06:00 Lee Coulter (Aus/USA)- Booty Voodoo

    08:45 Surf Lawyer Dave Pecan (US) (
    Background, Practice, Travel and Start,
    Huntington Beach Vs. Santa Cruz (and every other surf city USA) 

    13:30 Timmy Curran (US)- Horses on the Range

    15:45 Dave Pecan (
    Surf Rage, Causes and Cures

    19:30 Meeting Debbie and Brent Pocker, Musical tastes

    22:36 FABS (Uraguay/Scotland) - Surfer Girl

    23:21 Joe Moran, Pit Pilot UK
    Background, Newspapers, Life being Ugly,
    Startup, Market Place and contemporaries.

    28:12 When things go wrong

    30:05 Collage

    30:20 Exit Credits

    31:30 B Sea Surfers (Latvia)

    34:21 Take 5 with Dane

    35:55 Fin

    *This show was re-formatted

    Direct download: show16.mp3
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    00:12 Intro
    Searching and Sharing

    00:40 Dr Yang- Nebraska University
    Dr.Yang uses agricultural waste products to replace textiles, composites and petrochemical
    products with greener and renewable alternatives.

    05:30 Tilly and the Wall (NEB, USA)- Nights of the Living

    09:19 Ross from with details of a surf film festival

    10:12 Ryan Jerrode- Great Lakes Surfer pt 1 Local History, Technology, Background and lessons in Ca. Peterson Arrow
    Carl Olsen

    15:45 Alamoracetrack (NL) Dont Beat this Dog

    18:40 Ryan Jerrode- Great Lakes Surfer pt 2
    Local shapes and recent evolution, Unsalted, Vince Duer and environmental action

    23:12  Keith Harkin (IRL) - Dont Lose the Feeling

    26:40 Simon Anderson,Australia Pt.1 father of the trifin Thruster

    32:40 Don McClosky (US) Live from the otherside

    Origins and inspiration of the thruster, Herb Spritzers Big question, New ideas, trends and directons,Kelly Slaters new toy

    42:07 Close out

    42:30 Credits

    43:30 Composite closure

    Direct download: show15.mp3
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    The Podcast is still looking for reporters and correspondents around the world.
    Is there someone you want to interview, an issue you ant to address or a band you want to get out
    simply email

    Intro Collage & Beer
    00:12 With Pez.  Aberdeen beach under threat from shore armour
    for more contact +44(0)1224 252 752
    (This interview was done a while back, they have already started work on this crap project)

    03:43 Rocwater (Australia) Winding Down 07:43 Brandy White
    Canadian Skateboarder and courier biker who moved to Puerto Escondito Mexico to surf, set up a small business and has never looked back.
    The business started with an extension cable from a neighbour for a sewing machine
    10:45 The White Buffalo - Lovesong #1

    13:37 Brandy White Part II
    Life and surfing for women in Mexico, Future Plans

    17:56 The Spikes (Ire / NZ) Fighting in the Streets 21:38 Don Norris Australia.
    Founding Realsurf, life in Oz , Changes

    27:57 Don McClosky - Up in this Blood (Banjo remix)

    32:12 Don Pt II-
    Clarks Foam, Australian repercussions, realsurf forums, contemporaries
    36:52Outro -
    38:19 Credit Waheenie

    Direct download: show14.mp3
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    Typical for show 13 for that not to work

    The Podcast is still looking for reporters and correspondents around the world.
    Is there someone you want to interview, an issue you ant to address or a band you want to get out simply email

    00:00 General Intro

    00:15 Garry Wells Intro

    01:00 Mike Paler from

    (This is the first of a planned series interviewing surfers who run websites, like Ben at Magicseaweed, Don at realsurf, the guys at wavescapes etc)

    06:16 NOFX - Idiots are taking Over

    09:45 Tony Silvagni North Carolina

    (Sorry, Sound Quality a little dodgy) Introduction, Dealing with Lymes, Growing up, jamlongboarding and

    Bavaria Holland Beer

    13:54 Beautiful As You - Rocwater, Australia
    Also see wolfmother,

    17:45 Tony Silvagni Part 2 (Sorry, Sound Quality a little dodgy)
    Future Plans, travel,  School and aims

    21:00 Howie Day- USA - Collide

    25:00 Paul Holmes Surfer, Writer and Editor
    The Early Years, Cornwall, Bilbo surf shop, Australia,
    Tracks Magazine, Surfer Magazine, Chris Jones

    30:00 Anywhere from Here- Open Door Policy- Dundalk, Ireland

    33:20 Paul Holmes Part 2
    Dale Velzy as Hawk Biography, Spencer Crowell,
    Longboard Magazine, Bribery
    Website Plans, and a call for reporters
    Signing out for 28 Days
    Goodbye Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter - Rock on

    39:36 Marabunta - Hawaiian Astro Boys - Belgium
    (A Dedication to surfermo from Surfline Forum)

    43:10 Wahehnee Credits
    44:07 fin


    Direct download: wsrshow13.mp3
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    Intro From Binarystar records

    Nuclear is not an option

    Television - Drug of a nation (Disposable heros of Hiphoprisy)

    Check Out, and

    Beer will save the world

    Shark Fin Soup

    Home recipies - reduce packaging and waste

    22:30 Garry Linden, Walker Foam Pt 1

    27:30 Open Door Policy (Dundalk, Ireland) Q and A OK

    31:05 Garry Linden Walker Foam Pt 2

    Whats Up - Whats Down - Whats Happening

    [VoiceIndigo Mobilize - Listen to podcasts on your mobile phone]

    Direct download: show12.mp3
    Category:Surf News and Music -- posted at: 11:02 PM show 11

    Funky Intro-Binary Star Music

    Thoughts & Plans

    Arctic Monkeys - Sheffield - Mardy Bum 

    (track removed August 2006 for contractal reasons)


    Dick Metz Surfing Heritage Foundation Pt 1

    Cafebar 401 - I Need to Know (NL)

    Dick Metz Surfing Heritage Foundation Pt 2

    Yovee - Addicted to Caos (US)

    Ed  Sayers Pt 1 - Straight 8 (

    Edwin Derricut - Cold as Ice (NZ)

    Ed  Sayers - Straight 8 (


    Direct download: worldsurfradioshow11monkeyedit.mp3
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    Show 10


    Skip Frye Pt 1

    The Beautiful Girls - Music

    (08:20) Skip Frye Pt 2

    White Buffalo - The Evangelist

    (18:04) Skip Frye Pt 3

    Dios Malos - You  make me feel

    (29:30) Bees, the Waxy little Buggers

    Wind up

    Direct download: showr10.mp3
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    Show 9

    Intro- Podcasting

    Slackstring - Lend Me your Love

    Dane Peterson - Pt 1 - Nipples

    Amplificio - 10p Mix

    Dane Peterson Pt 2 - Speedos

    Sue- Back on the Chain

    Mr.B Speaks with: The Wells brothers

    Neptunes Water - Brent Pocker

    Goodnight and Good Luck - Signing Out for 30 Days

    Free- Donavon Frankenreiter

    Note: This show has been re-formatted

    Direct download: showr3.mp3
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    Show 8

    Your Good at this

    Magneta lane - Constant Lover

    Dr Evil promotes his new film Grom fingered

    Nadasurf - Do it Again

    Tyler Hatzikian Pt 1 (Singlefin Yellow)

    Slackstring - Sunday Jen

    Tyler Hatzikian Pt 2

    Slackstring - Wednesday Morning

    Mr B Speaks with: Nicole Morgan

    Bigstrides - Suicide

    Events & Current Travel warnings


    Direct download: showr8.mp3
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    Show 7

    Explicative Deleted

    (might have got some of the band/slot wrong - running out of time)

    NOFX- The Idiots are taking over

    Belinda Baggs Pt 1

    Griddle - Positivley Jackson

    Belinda Baggs Pt 2

    The Compliments- Something like happiness

    Carl Olsen Pt 1

    Tingsek - Coffee

    Carl Olsen Pt 2

    MrB Talks to : Mike Morgan


    The Frames - Revelate

    Upcoming Events


    Direct download: showr7.mp3
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    Show 6

    It Works

    The Walls (Irl) To the Bright and Shining Sun - Podcast Debut

    Lou Niles (USA) & Andrew Griffiths (NZ) from Surf Aid International Pt 1*  

    Patrick Smit (NL)- First Light Podcast Debut

    -From the Soundtrack of "Het Eerste Licht " 

    Lou Niles (USA) & Andrew Griffiths (NZ) from SurfAid International Pt 2 (The bloody Irish)

    Tingsek (SE) Ego Flow Podcast Debut  Thanks Camilla Nohrdal

    Roy Stewart (NZ) Olo Builder, Guru  Pt 1

    Bill (USA) Panacea

    Roy Stewart (NZ) Olo Builder, Guru - Pt 2

    Butterfly Explosion (Irl) Score- Podcast Debut

    MrB Speaks with: Toby Atkins

    Coming Events (Due to Time constraints there is no UK/Ireland forecast this week)


    * This interview is proof of concept, it spans

    28,644 KM

    88° 50 'of Latitude

    293° of Longetude

    20 time Zones

    2 days

    2 seasons

    3 continents

    3 countries

    In the interview Andrew points out that at an international level surfers are a big community, and the interview shows we can link them up.

    Direct download: showr6.mp3
    Category:Surf News and Music -- posted at: 4:31 PM show # 5

    It Works

    Giveamanakick (Irl) - Phat (Podcast Debut ?)

    Matt Cobb - Cobbofin

    Ane Brun (Nor) feat. Ron Sexsmith (Can) - Song 6 (Podcast Debut)

    Chris Jones, Shaper - Innovator - All round nice guy Pt 1

    The Shapes (US) - Dreaming of an M16

    Chris Jones, Shaper - Innovator - All round nice guy  Pt 2

    Clapyourhandssayyeah(US) - Tidal Wave of Young Blood

    MrB meets Cain Kilcullen



    This show is a bit disjointed, lots of wierd techie glitches - had to cancel one interview and one song, will redo next week

    Note this podcast has been re-formatted

    Direct download: showr5.mp3
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    Show 4

    60s Weather forecast

    Niklas Lindkvist - With Your Friends (Sweden)

    Bob "the Greek" Bolen, Legend - Shaper - Innovator Pt 1

    >Cold As Ice - Edwin Derricut (NZ)

    Bob "the Greek" Bolen, Legend - Shaper - Innovator Pt 2 *

    Rest - Rako Pipes

    Terry de Winne - Genius in alternate fuels, This week: Bio Diesel**

    One Night in Your Skin - Glasshouse (Oz)

    Jeff Silverman from Austin Foam Blanks, a new high Quality EPS Blanks 

    Tristan Prettyman "Evaporated " (USA)

    Hawaiian Astro Boys

    * This interview took 3 attempts to put together- between acts of cat, messups and trying to keep the conversation on track!!

    ** I hope to produce a series of interviews with Terry - one of the most interesting men I have the pleasure to know.

    NOTE- This Podcast has been re-formatted

    Direct download: showr4.mp3
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    Show 3

    Fargo Intro

    Chance "Say What you Will"

    Rabbi Schifren (part 1, sorry about the sound quality)

    Gabriel Rios "Broad Daylight"


    Tristan Prettyman "Evaporated"

    Richard Hardy, Campaign Manager Surfers Against Sewage

    Tristan Prettyman "Love - Love - Love "

    News & Events

    Forecast Ireland & Britain Mar 24th 25th 26th  2006

    Hawaiian Astro Boys

    Category:Surf News and Music -- posted at: 5:14 PM

    Show 2

    Arnies Intro

    Fiasco "Peace Sign"

    Tom Wegener Pt 1:  Life in Oz

    Big Strides "Strangely Inclined"

    Tom Wegener Pt 2:  Alias and Olas

    Brent Pocker "Neptunes Water"

    Gregory Schell : Chasing the Lotus

    Chance "Say What you will"

    Hamish, Timmy Turner

    Hawaiian Astro Boys "Assume the Position"


    This is the re-formatted version

    Direct download: showr2.mp3
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    Show 1


    Rako Pipes: Shady

    Introduction to Podcasting

    Ana Brun : Humming one of your songs

    Story & Plans

    Yovee : City Strolling

    Timmy Turner, Second Thoughts

    Donavon Frankenreiter : Free (live in Tokyo)

    Hawaiian Astro Boys


    This is the re-formatted version

    Direct download: showr1.mp3
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